Fencus Google Maps Widgets

An simple solution to use Google Maps on the Back-end and Front-end.




Contents of this plugin

Location Selector FormWidget

Renders a map and uses a marker to indicate a given position on it, it returns the value as a google.maps.LatLngLiteral object (in string format so you can store it in your database).

Address Locator FormWidget

It works in conjunction with the Location Selector FormWidget. It allows you to find an address using Google Maps Geocoding Service. When an address is selected it automaticaly places the marker of the Location Selector FormWidget on it.

Address Finder FormWidget

It allows you to find an address using the Google Maps Geocoding Service.

Map Configurator FormWidget

Configure the options of a Google Map and shows a preview of it LIVE, it returns the value as a google.maps.MapOptions object (in string format so you can store it in your database):

An API Loader Component

The API Loader Component loads the Javascript API from google and initilizes all the maps on a page that use the Map Behavior.

A Map Behavior

A behavior to implement in your components to show a Google Map.

A Geolocation Component

Sets an approximate position to the user using HTML5 Geolocation or based on the IP of the user through Google Geolocation Web Service. The data is saved to the user's session for further use.

Posible future developments on this plugin:

As stated before, we are users of this same plugin, in the future we will probably implement the following features to it or in a FREE Plugin compatible with this one:

Warnings and considerations